Collection: Disposables

Discover our comprehensive range of high-quality disposable drinkware and accessories, perfect for any beverage service. Our collection includes:

  • Disposable Lids: Secure and spill-proof, available in sizes for 350ml and 500ml cups, with convenient straw holes.
  • Branded Paper Cups: Featuring the iconic Slush Puppie design, these paper cups come in 350ml and 500ml sizes, ideal for cold beverages.
  • Plastic Cups: Durable and clear, perfect for serving slushies, sodas, and other cold drinks in various sizes.
  • Coffee Cups: Insulated and designed for hot beverages, available in multiple sizes with matching lids to keep drinks hot and hands comfortable.
  • Straws: Eco-friendly and available in various lengths and diameters to suit different drinks and cup sizes.

Our disposables are designed to enhance your beverage offerings while providing convenience, quality, and eco-friendly options. Perfect for cafes, convenience stores, events, and more, our range ensures you have everything you need for an efficient and enjoyable drink service.